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Case Study: Time & Motion WFM Study

A Large US Local Exchange Carrier

In order to validate cost and capitalization models, the Service Provider engaged DataLinx in a Time & Motion study focused on set-top box installation and activation.

DataLinx Solution
This project consisted of approximately 250 observations over a period of two weeks, conducted in the various regions of the United States. Data collection templates were formulated jointly with team members from the service provider and DataLinx.

The objective of this time & motion study was to document the task times associated with the installation and activation of the set-top box provided for the IPTV services. Among the tasks observed in the study were the following:

Place and Connect Set-Top Box
Verify Diagnostic/IP Address/OOB Lock
Initialize Set-Top Box
Activate Set-Top Box, Verify Content
Verify Video On Demand
Program Remote Control

Some significant findings included:

Technicians must go into multiple systems to retrieve complete information necessary to complete job.
On Hold times associated with the Call Center were inordinately long.
Remote Controls are time consuming to program and at times un-programmable.
Customer education of IPTV service needs to be improved.
Approximately 30% of the orders were written incorrectly and needed to be changed, causing delays.
Access to multiple OSS’s with multiple log-ins and passwords extended the time required for completion.
Customers should be updated as to the status of their appointment for installation and repair work.

Many findings directly correlated to the degree of customer satisfaction. Length of service call and follow-up, meaning the technician was at the customer premises for numerous hours, was directly correlated with customer dissatisfaction. Return visits by technicians further increased customer dissatisfaction. Customer satisfaction is crucial with success of new IPTV roll-out. In order to address these issues, DataLinx is going to continue work with the Service Provider team to conduct an in-depth process and systems evaluation and gap analysis.

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