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Case Study: Carrier Billing Reconciliation

Large Internet Service Provider (ISP)

DataLinx was secured to help a large ISP to recover revenue lost due to various OSS/BSS errors. The ISP had purchased a large number of T1/T3 data circuits from various providers, all with multiple contractual agreements with various terms and discounts. This caused various systems issues including:

• Several network migrations due to technical and business reasons
• Multiple billing formats from different providers
• Loss of revenue due to wrong pricing, billing on disconnected circuits, billing start before circuit acceptance and turnover, etc.

DataLinx Solution
• Customized tools and manual process for carrier billing data conversion
• Normalized data store for storage, processing, and correlation of billing data
• Reconciliation with circuit orders and MACD with carrier bills
• Inclusion of contractual pricing, terms and conditions
• Identification of discrepancies in billing periods and pricing

Over 10% savings in annual cost of circuits