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Case Study: Strategic Systems Planning

Broadband Service Provider

A Broadband Provider needed a Strategic Systems Plan developed.

DataLinx Solution
Architected a new common platform for consolidating functionality that existed in four separate environments with a scope including:
• Sales, Order Entry, Ordering, Workflow
• ISP Gateway
• Trouble Management
• Enterprise Data Warehouse
• Billing
• Product Catalog
• Loop Qualification
• ILEC Gateway

Benefits from consolidation include:
Financial - Reduced Costs
• COPS/Maintenance Reduction
• D&E (Development & Enhancement) Costs Reduction
• Reduced Total Cost of Operations

Service - Improved Metrics
• Improved Flow-through
• Improved System Availability
• End-to-End Process Visibility
• Faster “Time to Market”
• Reduced Reconciliation

• Implemented “Golden Source” Philosophy
• Single Customer Repository
• Single Product Facility
• Faster “Time to Market”
• Implemented Data Stewardship
• Enterprise Data Warehouse
• Reduced Data Reconciliation
• Comprehensive Events/Workflow Manager
• Centralized Customizable Business Logic

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