Dow Jones Futures: Stock Market Awaits CPI Inflation; Tesla Rises As Nvidia Falls On Rival AI Chips


Dow Jones Futures Look to CPI Inflation; Tesla Gains While Nvidia Falters Due to Competing AI Chips


After hours, Dow Jones futures, S&P 500 futures, and Nasdaq futures all saw slight increases. Awaiting the CPI inflation report on Wednesday, crucial reports from Delta Air Lines and Taiwan Semiconductor are also on the horizon.

The stock market showed slight gains on Tuesday, with investors remaining cautious ahead of the inflation report. Despite positive breadth overall, several leading stocks faced pressure throughout the day. Nvidia experienced a pullback but found support, while Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced a new AI processor using Arm Holdings designs, impacting Nvidia’s chip dependence. Intel also introduced an AI chip to compete with Nvidia. Tesla stock continued to rise following Elon Musk’s announcement about robotaxis.

The consumer price index is set to be released on Wednesday morning, with a predicted 0.3% rise in consumer prices. Overall CPI inflation is expected to increase by 3.5% compared to the previous year. The Fed minutes from the March meeting will also be released later in the day. These economic reports could influence the likelihood of a Fed rate cut in June.

Dow Jones futures showed a fractional rise, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures increasing by 0.1%. The unveiling of the CPI inflation report could sway Dow Jones futures and Treasury yields. However, it is essential to remember that after-hours trading does not always forecast market performance in the following regular trading session.

Key economic reports, such as the CPI inflation report and employment index, play a crucial role in guiding investors. It is important to monitor these reports closely to make informed investment decisions. The stock market is constantly evolving, and staying informed about economic indicators can help investors navigate market trends effectively.

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