Dow Jones Futures Rise; Nvidia's Chipmaker, Taiwan Semi, Rallies As Sales Soar; 5 AI Stocks Near Buy Points


Dow Jones Futures Surge as Nvidia’s Chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor, Soar in Sales; 5 AI Stocks Approaching Buy Points


Friday morning saw modest gains in Dow Jones futures, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. This positive movement followed the strong April sales report from chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM).

The stock market had a solid Thursday, with the Dow Jones rising for a seventh straight session. Leading stocks displayed bullish or constructive action, with Nvidia stock showing a slight decline as it potentially formed a handle. Broadcom is also approaching various entry points, along with chip-equipment giants like Applied Materials and KLA Corp.

Taiwan Semiconductor stock rallied on Friday morning following its impressive April sales report, positioning itself between two buy points. The company plays a crucial role in chip production for major players like Nvidia, Broadcom, and Apple.

Additionally, AI chip IPOs like Arm Holdings and Astera Labs reported their earnings, further boosting investor interest in AI chip plays.

Other notable stocks like Tesla and BYD are also in focus, with Tesla struggling to maintain key support levels and BYD preparing to launch new EV models.

It’s important to note that while overnight movements in futures markets can provide early indicators, actual trading outcomes may vary during regular market sessions.

Overall, the stock market rally remains strong, with various sectors showing positive gains. Keep an eye on leading stocks and sectors for potential buying opportunities while staying prepared with exit strategies in case of unexpected market shifts. Remember to monitor market trends and leading indicators closely to make informed investment decisions.

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