A Guide to Witnessing Apple’s May 2024 iPad Launch Event

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The upcoming Apple event on May 7 is highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and Apple fans, as it is expected to showcase a new suite of iPads. With the event titled ‘Let Loose’, it suggests that Apple has something significant to unveil, and there is speculation that new software demonstrations and surprises may be in store for viewers.

One notable aspect of the event is the main image featuring a hand twirling an Apple Pencil amidst a colorful Apple logo. This image implies that there will be a focus on using iPads for creativity, possibly with the introduction of a new and enhanced Pencil. Rumors have also circulated that the Apple Vision Pro will receive Pencil support. If this is the case, Apple will likely highlight the ability to create digital art in a virtual and mixed reality environment.

Now, let’s dive into how you can watch the Apple Let Loose livestream, as well as what to expect from the event.

How to Watch the Apple Let Loose Livestream
Apple’s May event will be livestreamed, allowing viewers from around the world to tune in and witness the unveiling of the new iPads. The livestream will commence on May 7 at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST, and on May 8 at 12am AEST.

The easiest and most accessible way to watch the livestream is through YouTube. Apple has set up a reminder page on the platform where you can set an alert to be notified when the stream starts. Additionally, you can also watch the event on Apple’s website or through the Apple TV app. If you are unable to follow the livestream, TechRadar will be providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of all the action. Stay tuned to their website and TikTok channel for interesting videos and insights.

What to Expect at the Apple May Event
In terms of product announcements, the focus of the May event will primarily be on iPads. According to the rumors circulating so far, Apple is likely to launch an iPad Air 6. This new model is speculated to feature an OLED display and a new M-series chip, possibly the M2 chip with potential for the M3 chip in the future. Apple may also introduce a larger 12.9-inch option for those seeking a bigger tablet without the higher price tag of the iPad Pro.

Speaking of the iPad Pro, we can expect updated models to be unveiled as well. The iPad Pro 2024 models are expected to continue with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch options but may ditch the LCD and mini-LED displays in favor of OLED panels. These OLED displays promise better colors and contrast, which would greatly benefit digital artists and content creators. The new iPad Pros are also likely to feature the M3 chip, with the larger model potentially receiving a more powerful M3 Pro variant.

In addition to the new iPads, there have been whispers of a new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The Magic Keyboard could sport a more laptop-like design, potentially made from aluminum and featuring a larger trackpad. The new Apple Pencil is anticipated to have various sensitivity improvements, additional gesture options, and enhanced compatibility with third-party apps. It is also rumored to be compatible with the Vision Pro, further enhancing its capabilities.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple highlights additional features and interconnectivity between the Vision Pro and the new iPads. Considering the gaming capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro’s A17 Pro chip and the expanding library of Apple Arcade, there is a possibility that the new iPad Air could have a gaming focus.

While the May Apple event may not bring groundbreaking changes like an iPhone launch, it is still one that Apple fans should not miss. The livestream promises to unveil the new suite of iPads, along with software demonstrations and potential surprises. Mark your calendars for May 7 and make sure to tune in to witness Apple’s latest innovations.

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