The Best Queer Batman Parody You Almost Never Saw


A Hidden Gem: The Top Queer Batman Parody You Might Have Missed

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I once hosted a unique web series called Trend Setting with Sarah Evans, where the main goal was to secure sponsorship from a popular clothing brand. However, despite gaining a small but loyal following, the brand never sponsored me. They did end up following me on social media, though.

Instead of giving up, I used the platform to announce my new project called The Urban Explorer. This project gained attention from different artistic communities, and I was amazed by the collaborative effort it sparked. The film was a mix of various art forms and told a personal story in a mesmerizing way.

Initially, everyone involved volunteered out of passion for the project. However, as it grew, I realized I needed to compensate the team. I turned to crowdfunding and managed to raise a significant amount, but it all went into the short five-day shoot. To complete the project, I had to make a tough decision and take out a loan.

Despite financial constraints, I made sure everyone was paid fairly and didn’t exploit their talents. The project turned out to be a success, with everyone involved feeling proud of being part of something special. The attention and support we received exceeded our expectations, making the journey worth it for everyone.

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