Aaron Judge leaves game after being hit by pitch in hand

Aaron Judge, exits, Hand, hit by pitch

The health scare surrounding Aaron Judge in Tuesday night’s game had Yankees fans on edge, but luckily the X-rays and CT scans came back clean, indicating no fracture. It was a moment of relief for the team, especially considering Judge’s history of injuries.

Judge, who leads the Majors in several offensive categories, expressed gratitude that the injury wasn’t more severe. His exit from the game was a precaution, and he hopes to return to the lineup soon. The Yankees are already dealing with Anthony Rizzo’s fractured forearm, so losing Judge for an extended period would have been a significant blow.

The incident sparked some tension between the Yankees and the Orioles, who also hit Gleyber Torres in a similar spot during the game. While tempers flared momentarily, both teams seemed to agree that it was unintentional and unlikely to carry over into future games. It’s all part of the competitive nature of baseball, where emotions can run high in the heat of the moment.

Overall, the Yankees are relieved that Judge’s injury isn’t more serious and are hopeful for a quick recovery. In a season filled with ups and downs, they can’t afford to lose a key player like Judge for an extended period. Fans will be eagerly watching for updates on his condition and hoping to see him back in action soon.

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