Actor Danny Trejo from ‘Machete’ caught up in a fight during Fourth of July parade due to water balloon incident

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Actor and Los Angeles native Danny Trejo was recently involved in a confrontation at an Independence Day Parade in the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood of L.A. The incident was captured on video by witnesses as Trejo was riding in a vintage convertible during the parade.

When a paradegoer threw a water balloon at Trejo’s vehicle, the situation quickly escalated. Videos circulating on social media show Trejo exiting the car, walking to the sidewalk, and throwing a punch at a man under a tent. The man fought back, causing Trejo to fall to the ground briefly before getting back up and attempting to use a folding chair in defense.

Despite the chaos, some individuals tried to calm the situation by reminding everyone that there were children present. The scuffle continued for a few minutes before eventually resolving on its own as the crowd dispersed before law enforcement arrived.

Trejo, known for his tough-guy roles in films like the “Machete” franchise and “From Dusk Till Dawn,” has expanded his career beyond acting. He has ventured into the restaurant industry, opened a coffee shop, launched a beer label, and even published a memoir reflecting on his life experiences.

In a response to the incident, Trejo described the actions of those who instigated the fight as “childish” and “cowardly.” Despite the altercation, Trejo’s management has not provided any further comments on the matter.

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