‘Add yours’ stickers from Instagram now available on YouTube Shorts

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YouTube is making moves to compete with popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok by introducing new features on its Shorts platform. One of the notable features is the “Add yours” sticker, which is similar to Instagram’s prompts that encourage users to share specific types of content. For example, users can create prompts like “show off your dog’s newest trick” to inspire their audience and spark a chain reaction of adorable content. This sticker will be available on YouTube Shorts in the coming weeks.

Another feature that YouTube is introducing on Shorts is the ability to add and edit auto-generated captions. Users will have the option to choose from various colors and fonts to make the captions blend in better with their videos. While this feature may be reminiscent of Instagram, it’s still a valuable addition that provides more options for content creators across different platforms.

YouTube is also rolling out a Text to Speech feature on Shorts. This tool allows users to add text to their videos after recording and then select from four different voices for the narration. This feature can enhance the storytelling capabilities of content creators and add an extra layer of depth to their videos.

Lastly, YouTube is introducing Auto layout for Android users. This feature allows users to track the subject of their video as they create it, providing more dynamic and engaging shots. This update will give Android users greater flexibility and control over their video content.

It’s clear that YouTube is actively working to stay competitive in the social media landscape by introducing these new features on its Shorts platform. While some may argue that these features are similar to those found on other platforms like Instagram, it’s important to remember that innovation in social media is often about building upon existing concepts and providing more options for users.

In my opinion, the addition of the “Add yours” sticker on YouTube Shorts is a smart move. Prompting users to share specific types of content can help to create trends and generate more engagement on the platform. It also encourages users to be creative and share unique content that showcases their personality or interests. By adding this feature, YouTube is aiming to tap into the viral and interactive nature of Instagram and TikTok and provide its users with similar experiences.

The ability to add and edit auto-generated captions on Shorts is also a valuable addition. Captions are crucial for accessibility and can make content more inclusive for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. The option to customize the captions with different colors and fonts will allow content creators to make their videos more visually appealing and aligned with their personal branding.

The Text to Speech feature on Shorts opens up new possibilities for storytelling. By allowing users to add narration to their videos using different voices, YouTube is providing content creators with more tools to engage their audience and enhance the overall viewing experience. This feature can also be useful for language learners or viewers who prefer to consume content in an audio format.

The introduction of Auto layout on Android is a much-awaited update for users of the platform. This feature will enable content creators to capture more dynamic shots and enhance the visual appeal of their videos. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments and tracking of the subject, allowing creators to focus on their content and creativity.

In conclusion, YouTube’s continued efforts to compete with Instagram and TikTok by adding new features on its Shorts platform are commendable. While some features may resemble those found on other platforms, they still provide valuable options and enhance the overall user experience. With the “Add yours” sticker, the ability to add and edit auto-generated captions, the Text to Speech feature, and the Auto layout update for Android, YouTube is ensuring that its users have access to a wide range of tools and features to create engaging and compelling content on the platform.

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