Adrian Newey to Leave Red Bull F1 Team, Confirms Management

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Adrian Newey recently announced that he will be taking a step back from his Formula 1 design duties to focus on the final development and delivery of Red Bull’s highly anticipated RB17 hypercar. This marks a new chapter in Newey’s career as he hands over the baton to others after almost two decades of playing a key role in Red Bull Racing’s success.

Newey expressed his gratitude towards the talented individuals he has worked with at Red Bull and thanked the shareholders for their unwavering support. He also acknowledged the support of his business partner Christian Horner and close friend Eddie Jordan, highlighting the strong relationships he has built over the years.

It’s clear that Newey’s passion for designing fast cars has been a driving force throughout his career, and this new focus on the RB17 project reflects his commitment to ensuring its success. As he transitions into this new role, it’s exciting to see how his talents and expertise will contribute to the development of Red Bull’s first hypercar.

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