After a Long Wait, the Game Boy Advance Finally Receives the Most-Delayed Video Game Ever

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Creating a video game is no easy task. It requires countless hours of hard work and dedication to bring a vision to life. However, even after the game is finished, there can be unforeseen delays that can push back its release. Some games, like Duke Nukem Forever, L.A. Noire, and Diablo III, have faced significant delays before finally reaching the hands of eager gamers. But perhaps the most delayed game in history is Kien, a fantasy hack ‘n slasher for the Game Boy Advance (GBA), which took a staggering 22 years to be released.

The story of Kien begins in 2002, when a group of talented Italian programmers formed AgeOfGames. This was the first company in Italy to embark on the development of a GBA title. Their ambitious project, Kien, showed promise, and after two years of hard work, the game was complete. However, due to financial concerns, the publisher decided not to release it. This unfortunate turn of events led AgeOfGames to switch gears and focus on creating educational games in order to keep the company afloat.

As time went on, the lifespan of the GBA eventually came to an end, with production ceasing in 2009. It seemed that Kien would forever remain an unfinished gem. However, the rise of retro gaming presented a new opportunity for the Italian studio. With a newfound interest in classic console games, incube8 Games, a publisher specializing in retro titles, stepped in to give Kien a chance. The game was finally released in cartridge form, allowing players to experience it on original hardware.

The popularity of retro gaming has soared in recent years. With the advent of new consoles designed to play a wide variety of classic titles, such as the NES Classic Edition and the Sega Genesis Mini, gamers have been given the opportunity to relive their favorite childhood memories. Additionally, the iPhone’s decision to allow apps that emulate classic consoles has further fueled the retro gaming revolution. The market has even seen a surge in new games that embrace old-fashioned graphics, appealing to nostalgic gamers who long for the simplicity of the past.

For those interested in experiencing Kien, incube8 Games offers the game for sale on their website. While the price may be slightly surprising, at $60, it is a small price to pay for the chance to finally play a game that has been in development for over two decades. Kien represents the perseverance and determination of a group of programmers who refused to let their passion project fade into obscurity. It serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to incredible achievements, even in the face of countless setbacks.

In conclusion, the story of Kien is a testament to the resilience of game developers. Despite facing numerous delays and financial challenges, the Italian programmers at AgeOfGames persevered, ultimately finding a publisher who believed in their vision. The release of Kien serves as a symbol of the ever-growing popularity of retro gaming and the enduring appeal of classic titles. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is important to remember the games and experiences that shaped our childhoods and paved the way for the immersive experiences we enjoy today.

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