Amazon Continues to Grapple with Major Plastic Waste Issue in the US

Amazon, Continues, Grapple, issue, Major, Plastic, Waste

Despite previous promises to reduce plastic packaging, a new report from the conservation organization Oceana reveals that Amazon’s plastic waste in the US has actually increased. In 2022 alone, the company generated 208 million pounds of plastic waste from packaging, which is a significant jump from the previous year. While globally Amazon has reduced its plastic packaging usage, the US remains a major area of concern.

It is important for Amazon to prioritize reducing plastic waste in its largest market, the US. Increased transparency regarding the amount of plastic waste generated in each country is crucial for accountability. While Amazon has made efforts to eliminate plastic packaging from automated fulfillment centers, more needs to be done to reduce overall plastic usage.

Consumer education is also key, as plastic film bags used for packaging are often not accepted in curbside recycling programs. Encouraging consumers to recycle these items at designated drop-off locations can help divert more plastic from landfills and incinerators. Amazon should set clear timelines for phasing out plastic packaging and work towards reducing the total amount of plastic used by a significant percentage by the end of the decade.

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