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Installer No. 41: Exploring the Best in Tech and Entertainment

Welcome, friends, to Installer No. 41! In this edition, we will be diving into the latest news, products, and recommendations from the world of technology and entertainment. If you’re new here, allow me to introduce myself. I’m David Pierce, your guide through the exciting and ever-evolving landscape of gaming gadgets, spy movies, and much more.

This week, I came across some interesting articles about the struggles faced by Humane, a tech company, and the disappointing performance of the movie Suicide Squad. Additionally, I found myself engrossed in a captivating documentary about a TikTok dancing cult and eagerly anticipating the release of Furiosa, a highly anticipated film. On the tech front, I decided to upgrade my Roku to an Apple TV, and I’ve been enjoying the Phanpy app for exploring the fediverse. Furthermore, I’ve been indulging in a lot of WikiHole, discovering fascinating information through this online resource. To add some variety to my routine, I’ve been experimenting with creating new mocktail recipes.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting content I have prepared for you in this edition of Installer. We have a range of topics to cover, including a new Raspberry Pi accessory, a highly recommended movie for your weekend viewing, some intriguing tech books, gaming gear, and much more.

The Drop: Raspberry Pi AI Kit

One exciting product that caught my attention is the Raspberry Pi AI Kit. Priced at just $70, this kit offers a simple and cost-effective way to harness the power of artificial intelligence using a Raspberry Pi 5. Although I am not yet sure how I will utilize this technology, I am eager to explore its potential.

Movie Recommendation: Hit Man

If you’re in the mood for a comedy-action-thriller, I highly recommend checking out Hit Man. This Netflix film has received rave reviews from numerous intelligent individuals, and for good reason. Directed by Richard Linklater and starring Glen Powell, this movie is based on a remarkable magazine article and promises to be a captivating experience.

Book Recommendation: Dark Wire

For book enthusiasts, I have an intriguing recommendation called Dark Wire. This book delves into the secret world of the FBI’s tech startup, which was designed to track the most sophisticated criminals. It offers an enthralling glimpse into the intersection of technology and law enforcement, and I am already hooked on its excerpts.

Book Recommendation: Building SimCity

Continuing with the literary theme, I came across an exciting book called Building SimCity. This publication explores the history of computer simulation while focusing on the iconic game SimCity. Filled with captivating photos and diagrams, this book is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast.

Automotive Highlight: The New Rivian R1

Shifting gears to the automotive realm, I have to mention the new Rivian R1. Although it retains its distinctive appearance and headlight design, this vehicle boasts a completely revamped and modernized structure. While Rivian has undoubtedly made efforts to reduce costs, this electric vehicle remains the one I have my eyes on.

Entertainment Update: The Acolyte

As a Star Wars fan, I was excited to come across a different kind of Star Wars story called The Acolyte. Set in a unique time and place, this narrative offers a fresh perspective on the beloved franchise. While the reviews have been mixed so far, I am eager to immerse myself in this fresh take on the Star Wars universe.

Tech Update: Sequel 2.3

Moving on to the tech updates, we have an exciting development in the form of Sequel 2.3. This media tracking app, known for its popularity among Installerverse users, has introduced a new feature called Magic Lookup. With this feature, you can simply send a URL to the app, and it will automatically parse the content and add it to your lists. It’s a perfect tool for saving those countless “20 things coming to Netflix this month” articles that we often come across.

Gaming Gear: ModRetro Chromatic

The current retro gaming hardware boom has yielded some incredible products, and one that caught my attention is the ModRetro Chromatic. Created by a team led by Palmer Luckey, this $199 Game Boy homage offers a nostalgic gaming experience. While it won’t ship until the end of the year, it is already available for preorders.

Gaming Gear: Asus ROG Ally X

For gaming enthusiasts who crave more power and ambition, the Asus ROG Ally X is worth considering. This portable console offers a larger form factor and a more feature-rich experience compared to the ModRetro Chromatic. It may just be the Windows handheld device that can rival the highly anticipated Steam Deck.

Podcast Recommendation: Comfort Zone

If you’re a fan of podcasts, I have a couple to recommend. First up is Comfort Zone, a new podcast from the MacStories team. What sets this podcast apart is its unique gimmick, where each week, the hosts engage in “Tech Show and Tell” and issue a tech-related challenge to complete before the next episode. Additionally, MacStories has another new podcast called NPC, which focuses on portable gaming.

Thought-Provoking Content: “How ‘Wall-E’ Reveals Our Changing Feelings Toward Tech”

I recently came across a captivating podcast series called Offline that delves into the influence of movies such as Her and The Social Network on our perceptions of technology. One particular episode caught my attention: “How ‘Wall-E’ Reveals Our Changing Feelings Toward Tech.” This series offers insightful analysis and is certainly worth a listen.

Screen Share: Exploring Niagara Launcher for Android

In this edition’s Screen Share, I want to introduce you to the Niagara Launcher for Android. This launcher is optimized for one-handed phone use, providing a simple and efficient way to organize your homescreen. In the past ten days, I have found myself repeatedly customizing my setup with this launcher. Its ability to transform apps into a customizable list, display widgets and notifications seamlessly, and perform various tasks without opening individual apps make it a standout choice. If you’re unfamiliar with Niagara Launcher, I recommend watching a thorough video explanation to understand its functions fully.

As I explored Niagara Launcher, I stumbled upon several impressive setups. Here are a few examples:

[Include screenshots of compelling Niagara Launcher setups]

I would love to see your unique homescreen setups using Niagara Launcher or any other exciting Android launchers. Share them with me, and we’ll feature some of our favorites in an upcoming edition of Installer.

Crowdsourced Recommendations

Now let’s dive into what the Installer community is into this week. I always appreciate hearing about your interests and recommendations. Feel free to share your suggestions by emailing [email protected] or reaching out to me on Signal or Threads.

– Gregory found a new version of Vibescape that creates a mesmerizing meditation experience inspired by the Oregon coast. He appreciates the app’s ability to push boundaries beyond Apple’s environments.
– Josh has been utilizing Beeper, an app that consolidates all messaging platforms into one. It’s proven to be a helpful tool for managing both work-related and personal conversations.
– Mike has been revisiting the YouTube channel Patrick Willems, particularly enjoying a recent video discussing what lies beyond superhero movies. It’s an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of the future of cinema.
– Dallin discovered the MMO Guild Wars 2 a few months ago and has been thoroughly impressed with its immersive gameplay, supportive community, and absence of microtransactions. With the announcement of a new expansion, there’s no better time to dive into this underrated game.
– Les decided to try out the Bazzite Linux distro on his gaming PC to test its viability as an alternative to Windows. Surprisingly, it provided a smoother experience than anticipated, and Les was able to enjoy his favorite Steam and Epic games without much hassle.
– Colin is excited about the return of The Lord of the Rings movies to theaters, particularly the extended editions. He looks forward to reliving the experience with friends, reminiscent of their high school days.
– Brian has been captivated by the Vice miniseries Who Killed WCW? This three-part documentary delves into the downfall of World Championship Wrestling and features interviews with wrestling legends, offering multiple perspectives on the causes behind its demise.
– Zach recommends two new shows: Thousandaires from Dropout and Trolley Problems from 2nd Try. He finds these series to be hilarious and great examples of the trend among modern media companies to create their own streaming platforms.
– John is engrossed in the anime Delicious in Dungeon, praising its excellent comedic timing and the ability to maintain a high-stakes narrative while delivering a hilarious experience.

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