An Unforeseen New Player Enters the World of PC Gaming

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Windows gaming on ARM is becoming more promising with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor. Benchmarks have shown impressive performance, surpassing some of the top processors on the market. This could potentially shift the market away from the usual Intel and AMD choices in the future.

One interesting aspect is the potential for emulation, making gaming on ARM more accessible. Game developers will have the option to port their games to ARM64 for improved performance, or rely on x64 emulation to make most titles playable. This, combined with the impressive benchmark scores of the Snapdragon X Elite, indicates a possible change in the gaming market landscape.

It’s worth noting that while the Snapdragon X Elite may lag slightly behind newer Intel chips in benchmarks, it is still a remarkable achievement for Qualcomm. The processor is even reported to be significantly faster than Apple’s M2 chip in some aspects, showing the potential for increased competition and innovation in the industry.

Overall, the Snapdragon X Elite’s performance in benchmarks and the promise of improved gaming on ARM processors suggest a shift towards more diverse options in the future. This could lead to a more competitive market where consumers have a wider range of choices beyond just Intel and AMD.

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