Anticipated Wear OS 5: Our Desired Features and Exciting Leaks Revealed

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Wear OS 4 was released just last year, and typically, new versions of Wear OS are not released annually. However, there are leaks suggesting that Wear OS 5 may launch earlier than expected, possibly before the end of 2024. While the specific details of the update are not yet clear, there are rumors and speculation surrounding its release date and compatibility. In this article, we will discuss all the rumors and leaks about Wear OS 5, as well as present a wish list of features and improvements we hope to see in the update.

Release Date
According to leaks, Wear OS 5 might launch with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. This is based on the rumor that Samsung is working on getting Wear OS 5, which is based on Android 14, to work on its new Exynos 5535 chipset. If this leak is accurate, we can expect the Galaxy Watch 7 to be announced at Samsung’s next Unpacked event in July and ship in August. It is important to note that this leak should be taken with a grain of salt, as Google has not followed a yearly release schedule for major Wear OS updates in the past. However, if the leak is true, it could indicate that Google is shifting towards a yearly update cycle for Wear OS.

Wear OS 5 is expected to run on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro (or Classic). The Google Pixel Watch 3 is also likely to support Wear OS 5, as Google manufactures both the operating system and the watch. Most other upcoming Wear OS watches will probably be compatible with Wear OS 5 as well. Additionally, it is expected that most current smartwatches running Wear OS 4, especially those released in the last year or so, will eventually receive the Wear OS 5 update. However, it is unlikely that all watches will receive the update on the same day, with Google and Samsung devices likely being prioritized.

News and Leaks
So far, there have been limited leaks and rumors about Wear OS 5. The only significant leak suggests a possible launch this year, but details about the features and improvements of the update are still unknown. It is safe to assume that Wear OS 5 will include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and improvements in power efficiency. However, since this update will transition the operating system from version 4 to 5, users can expect more significant changes and additions.

Wish List for Wear OS 5
While the exact details of Wear OS 5 are not yet known, there are several features and improvements that users hope to see in the update:

1. More AI Integration: AI is a major focus in the tech industry, and Wear OS should embrace it. Users want to see AI-powered features integrated into the core operating system, such as having the AI-powered Google Assistant on their wrists. Google has already announced AI upgrades for Google Assistant but has not yet launched them. Additionally, there have been rumors of a Pixel-exclusive Pixie AI assistant, which users hope will be available on at least Pixel Watches.

2. Expanded Safety Features: With Wear OS 4, Google introduced safety features like Safety Check, which allows users to set a check-in timer that shares their location with emergency contacts if they fail to confirm their well-being at a designated time. Users want these safety features to be available on all Wear OS devices, not just Google’s Pixel Watches. Features like Emergency Sharing, which shares real-time location with selected contacts, are crucial and potentially life-saving additions that should be accessible to all Wear OS users.

3. Fitbit Integration: Currently, Fitbit functionality is only available on Pixel Watches. Users desire Fitbit’s fitness tracking capabilities to be compatible with other Wear OS smartwatches. While there are alternative fitness tracking options like Google Fit or third-party services, Fitbit is recognized for its accuracy and comprehensive tracking capabilities. To enhance the health and fitness tracking experience on Wear OS, users hope for wider integration of the Fitbit app.

4. Improved Battery Efficiency: Battery life is a significant concern for smartwatch users. While the battery capacity plays a vital role, optimizing the software can also contribute to improved battery efficiency. Users want Wear OS 5 to focus on making the operating system as efficient as possible, allowing smartwatches to last longer between charges. This would enhance the overall user experience and reduce the need for frequent charging.

While there is limited information available about Wear OS 5, leaks suggest that it may launch before the end of 2024. This potential early release could indicate a shift towards a yearly update cycle for Wear OS. Rumors indicate that Wear OS 5 might launch with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, with other upcoming Wear OS watches likely to follow suit. Current Wear OS watches running version 4 may also receive the update, although the rollout may vary depending on the device.

As for the wishlist for Wear OS 5, users hope to see more AI integration, expanded safety features available on all devices, Fitbit integration, and improved battery efficiency. These additions and improvements would enhance the overall functionality and user experience of Wear OS smartwatches. While there is still much we don’t know about Wear OS 5, these rumored features and desired improvements provide an exciting glimpse into the potential future of the operating system.

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