Apple Offers Explanation for iOS 17.5 Bug Causing Photo Reappearance

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The release of iOS 17.5 on May 13 led to a series of reports from iPhone owners claiming that their deleted photographs had mysteriously reappeared. This caused a great deal of concern and sparked a security scare, as users wondered how their smartphones could possibly be storing file data without their knowledge. Thankfully, Apple quickly addressed the issue and released iOS 17.5.1 to patch the problem.

Initially, there were various theories about what had caused this error, with some suggesting it was a software bug. However, the patch notes for iOS 17.5.1 attributed the problem to “database corruption.” Unfortunately, this explanation was considered too vague and left many people wanting more details.

In response to the demand for further clarification, Apple issued a statement to 9To5Mac, in which they stated that the reappearance of old images was due to a “corrupt database entry” within the iPhone’s file system. This issue specifically affected the pictures stored on the device itself, while files synced to iCloud remained unaffected. This meant that even if the images were no longer visible on iCloud, they remained hidden on the smartphone and would only resurface when iOS 17.5 was installed.

Remarkably, Apple revealed that the same corruption was responsible for the reappearance of photographs on users’ new iPhones. If a file transfer or restoration from an iCloud Backup took place, affected files could migrate from one device to another, causing previously deleted images to show up again.

While Apple did not disclose the specific steps taken to address the problem, researchers at cybersecurity company Synacktiv reverse-engineered iOS 17.5.1 to gain a better understanding of the solution. This extensive report revealed that Apple had introduced a “migration routine” in iOS 17.5, which contained a bug that would scan an iPhone’s file system for photographs. If any images were found, they would be added to the photo library, resulting in the reappearance of deleted pictures. Interestingly, iOS 17.5.1 removed this routine but did not delete the files themselves. Synacktiv discovered that the “deleted” pictures remained on the file system, hiding somewhere within the iPhone.

One question that arises from this situation is why iPhones save pictures to the file system in the first place. Shouldn’t image files only exist within the Photos app? Surprisingly, even Synacktiv does not have a definitive answer to this question. However, they point to a Reddit post shared by a user claiming to have insight from a “private contractor at Apple.” According to this source, iPhones can sometimes save images or screenshots to both the Files and Photos app, with the criteria for saving depending on various factors that remain undisclosed. As a result, even if a user deletes an old picture from the Photos app, an exact copy may still exist within Files, and it is this copy that the migration routine attempts to recover. The anonymous Reddit user further emphasizes that Apple is not engaged in any form of spying and that this is not a backdoor into iCloud, as the majority of user data remains secure.

The question of why iOS saves two copies of certain images remains unanswered. Further clarification from Apple is needed to shed light on this mystery. We have reached out to Apple for more information and will update this post accordingly if we receive a response.

In conclusion, the incident involving the reappearance of deleted photographs on iPhones highlighted the vulnerability of digital data and the need for robust security measures. Apple promptly addressed the issue with the release of iOS 17.5.1, which patched the problem caused by database corruption. While the exact steps taken by Apple to resolve the issue were not disclosed, researchers were able to gain insights through reverse engineering. It was discovered that a migration routine in iOS 17.5 inadvertently caused the deleted images to reappear. Interestingly, iOS 17.5.1 removed this routine but did not delete the files, leaving the “deleted” pictures lurking on the file system. The exact reasons behind iPhones saving pictures to both the Files and Photos app remain a mystery, with only vague explanations offered so far. However, it is important to note that Apple has clarified that they are not spying on users and that their data remains mostly secure.

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