Archbishop Vigano, Papal archenemy, convicted of schism and excommunicated

Archbishop Vigano, archenemy, excommunicated, guilty, Papal, schism

The recent ruling from the Vatican has excommunicated Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, known for his ultraconservative views and criticism of Pope Francis. Vigano had gone into hiding after accusing the pope of ignoring sexual misconduct allegations against U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. This led to Vigano branding the pope as a “false prophet” and a “servant of Satan,” calling for his resignation.

The Vatican’s doctrinal office found Vigano guilty of schism and denied the legitimacy of his accusations. This resulted in his excommunication from the Church. Despite warnings that he could be expelled from the priesthood if he continued his stance, Vigano remained unrepentant and urged Catholic faithful to support him.

Vigano’s refusal to recognize and submit to Pope Francis, as well as his rejection of the liberal reforms of the Second Vatican Council, sealed his fate. His public comments attacking the pope led to his banishment from the Church. The decision was signed by high-ranking officials, although it is believed to have had the approval of the pope.

This incident is not the first time Pope Francis has faced criticism from ultraconservatives. His advocacy for migrant rights, climate change action, and compassion over doctrine has put him at odds with traditionalists. Last year, Bishop Joseph E. Strickland of Texas was dismissed by the pope after he refused to step down following a Vatican investigation.

The clash between traditional views and progressive changes within the Catholic Church underscores the challenges faced by religious institutions in navigating modern societal issues. It is a reminder of the ongoing tensions between different factions within the Church and the need for dialogue and understanding to bridge these divides.

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