Atari Acquires Intellivision, Marking an Epic Conclusion to the Original Console Battle

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Atari, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, recently made an exciting announcement regarding their acquisition of the Intellivision brand. This move marked the end of a long-standing console war between two bitter rivals, Atari and Intellivision. Dating back to 1979, these two giants have been competing against each other, making their rivalry one of the oldest in history. The original Intellivision console, developed by Mattel, took on Atari’s VCS (later known as the 2600) a whole decade before the iconic Nintendo vs. Sega feud emerged.

The merging of Atari and Intellivision after 45 years signifies a historic milestone in the gaming industry. Mike Mika, the studio head at Atari-owned Digital Eclipse, described this event as the end of the longest-running console war in history. This consolidation represents not only the coming together of two competitors but also a union of the legacies and fan bases associated with Atari and Intellivision.

It’s essential to note that this acquisition does not include the Intellivision Amico retro console, which has faced numerous delays since its original announcement in 2018. Intellivision Entertainment LLC, the company behind the Amico, will continue its efforts to bring this console to life under a rebranded entity. Atari has granted them a license to release Intellivision games on the Amico, ensuring that fans of the brand will still have the opportunity to experience their favorite titles on this new platform.

However, the road to success for the Intellivision Amico has not been without its challenges. Funding the console has proven to be a significant obstacle for Intellivision Entertainment LLC, leading to its prolonged delays. Nevertheless, amidst these struggles, the company managed to create a peculiar app for iOS and Android devices. This app requires two smartphones or tablets, where one device displays the game, and the other acts as a controller. Unfortunately, this unconventional concept received criticism, with Kotaku describing it as “one janky piece of crap.” Despite this setback, Intellivision Entertainment LLC remains determined to bring the Amico console to life and provide an exceptional gaming experience for their devoted fans.

As for Atari, they wasted no time in utilizing the Intellivision brand. They have already started adding Intellivision-themed items, such as t-shirts, to their online store. Wade Rosen, CEO and chairman of Atari, expressed his enthusiasm about this acquisition, emphasizing that it presents a rare opportunity to unite former competitors and bring together fans of Atari, Intellivision, and the golden age of gaming.

Speaking of the golden age of gaming, another console that played a considerable role during that era was the ColecoVision. Released in the early 1980s, the ColecoVision offered a unique gaming experience that garnered a significant following. However, it remains unclaimed by Atari, leaving room for speculation about their plans for future acquisitions.

In conclusion, Atari’s acquisition of the Intellivision brand marks the end of a longstanding console war. This momentous event unites two historical rivals and bridges the gap between their respective fan bases. While the Intellivision Amico faces challenges in finding funding and receiving initial criticism for its unconventional app, Intellivision Entertainment LLC remains committed to delivering a remarkable gaming experience. Atari’s utilization of the newly acquired Intellivision brand shows their dedication to bringing together gaming enthusiasts and honoring the golden age of gaming. The future holds exciting possibilities for both Atari and Intellivision, as they continue to shape the gaming industry and inspire generations of gamers to come.

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