Attempted interview with infamous Haitian gang leader leads to suspected kidnapping of YouTuber

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An American YouTube personality has reportedly found himself in a dangerous situation after traveling to Haiti. Addison Pierre Maalouf, known as YourFellowArab, went to the country to interview Jimmy “Barbecue” Ch√©rizier, the leader of G9 Family and Allies. Within 24 hours of arriving, Maalouf and his Haitian colleague were abducted by members of the 400 Mawozo gang on March 14. They are being held for a $600,000 ransom, with $40,000 already paid but the captors continue to demand more for their release.

A streamer named Lalem shared on social media that Maalouf had been kidnapped in Haiti and efforts are being made to secure his release. He also shared Maalouf’s last video where he warned about the dominance of gangs in the area. Another YouTuber, Miles “Lord Miles” Routledge, revealed that he had been in direct communication with Maalouf via a captor’s phone and provided more details about the situation.

Routledge defended Maalouf’s intentions of bringing attention to a collapsing part of the world through his content about Haiti. He expressed disappointment in those who criticized Maalouf for going to Haiti and emphasized that the focus should be on getting him safely released.

For more information on the situation, you can refer to updates from Lalem and Routledge.

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