Audiomob and Voodoo Enter Exclusive Partnership for Audio Ads

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Audiomob, a company known for creating audio ads for mobile games and apps, has recently formed an exclusive partnership with mobile game publisher Voodoo. As Voodoo is a prominent player in the industry with over seven billion downloads, this collaboration is a significant development in the mobile gaming sector. It aims to enhance user experience by incorporating non-intrusive audio ads seamlessly into Voodoo’s popular game titles while also increasing developer revenues.

Under this partnership, Voodoo has selected Audiomob to be its exclusive audio partner for the top 50% of its ad inventory. This means that Audiomob will serve as the sole audio ad provider for Voodoo’s most popular games. The integration of skippable and rewarded audio ads into Voodoo’s games will offer players a more enjoyable gaming experience by allowing them to engage with ads without disrupting gameplay and even earn in-game rewards. This is a win-win situation for both players and advertisers.

The decision to partner exclusively with Audiomob demonstrates the growing popularity of in-app audio advertising formats. By integrating skippable and rewarded audio ads, Voodoo can provide a more immersive gaming experience while also giving advertisers the opportunity to connect with its vast player base. This integration is expected to drive significant engagement and revenue growth, benefiting both companies involved and enhancing the overall player experience.

Voodoo, founded in 2013, has now amassed 150 million active users and employs 800 individuals. Audiomob, on the other hand, is currently working with over 80 game developers and has successfully incorporated its audio ads into 46 Voodoo games. The founders of Audiomob came up with the idea of creating audio ads as a response to the annoyance caused by traditional mobile ads, particularly video ads that would automatically play. They wanted to find a better way to monetize games and improve the user experience.

Through A/B testing, Audiomob discovered that using rewarded audio ads actually increased monetization and user retention compared to rewarded video ads. Players were more likely to stay in the game longer when exposed to rewarded audio ads, increasing their lifetime value. This finding laid the foundation for the partnership between Audiomob and Voodoo. Since then, the relationship between the two companies has expanded, along with collaborations with other publishers such as Tap Nation and Lockwood Publishing.

One of Audiomob’s unique selling points is its ability to filter for quality, resulting in better ad rates. Before displaying ads on a device, Audiomob ensures that the device volume is turned up above 10%. Additionally, the company offers skippable and rewarded ads to provide a more enjoyable experience for users. For example, in one game, players can listen to an audio ad that automatically collects all the gems on a level, saving the user time and effort. By qualifying users first, Audiomob distinguishes itself from banner ads and other easily ignored formats, allowing it to command higher CPM (ad rates) compared to its competitors.

Audiomob has even patented its technology for volume detection on iOS and Android devices, which enables the company to measure user engagement and volume levels accurately. With offices in London and New York, as well as engineers in the United Arab Emirates, the company currently has 36 employees. The decision to establish a presence in the UAE was driven by subsidies for office space in Abu Dhabi and an easy visa process.

In addition to mobile game apps, Audiomob is now expanding into non-game apps and podcast audio advertising. The company believes that audio ads provide better measurability compared to traditional radio ads since they can track volume levels and user engagement without infringing on user privacy. Audiomob is also working with industry bodies like the Internet Advertising Bureau and Interactive Advertising Bureau to establish its audio ads as a standard format.

Overall, Audiomob’s partnership with Voodoo represents a significant step forward in the evolution of in-game advertising. By providing a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players while also allowing the game industry to generate revenue, this collaboration sets a new standard for the industry. With Audiomob’s unique approach to audio ads and its commitment to quality and user experience, it is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in the mobile gaming and advertising sectors.

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