Beau DeMayo, the creator of ‘X-Men ’97,’ speaks out after departure from series

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The importance of episode 5 of X-Men ‘97, titled “Remember It,” was highlighted by creator Beau DeMayo, who shared his insights on social media. DeMayo explained that the episode was central to his pitch to Marvel, intending to mirror the journey of those who grew up watching the original X-Men animated series in the 90s. He emphasized how the world was perceived as simpler back then, with clear-cut right and wrong answers, but how real-world events like 9/11 shifted perceptions and fractured collective identities.

DeMayo wanted the episode to reflect the pain of real-life attacks on safe spaces, such as the devastating attack on mutant haven Genosha which resulted in the deaths of Gambit and Magneto. Drawing parallels to events like 9/11, Tulsa, Charlottesville, and Pulse Nightclub, DeMayo highlighted the importance of addressing issues of identity, social justice, and healing in the face of tragedy.

The departure of DeMayo from X-Men ’97 before its premiere raised questions, but Marvel Studios’ Brad Winderbaum described it as a mutual parting of ways. Despite the exit, Winderbaum commended DeMayo for his passion and respect for the characters, which contributed to the creation of an excellent show that resonates with fans.

X-Men ’97 is now available for streaming on Disney+, offering fans a fresh take on the beloved animated series.

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