Charli XCX Drops Hot New Album ‘Brat’ Perfect for the Club

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After the recent release of her album Crash, Charli XCX has been diving deep into her musical roots with her upcoming album Brat. The British singer is returning to her origins in the club world, giving fans a taste of her personal style with songs like the lead single “Von Dutch.” This shift marks a significant departure from the mainstream pop sound of Crash, echoing her earlier mixtapes Number 1 Angel and Pop 2.

In a recent interview with British GQ, Charli XCX expressed her interest in exploring a more commercial sound but acknowledged that her fanbase expects authenticity from her. Despite potential confusion from the general public, she remains true to her artistic vision and embraces her unique identity in the music industry.

With Brat, Charli XCX takes a bold step by showcasing her talent without relying on featured guests. This album is a testament to her growth as an artist and solidifies her position in the pop music landscape. As she proudly declares on social media, “I was born to make dance music. I came from the clubs.” Brat is the culmination of her musical journey thus far and a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

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