Chris Brown collaborates with Saweetie on “Weakest Link” amidst Quavo feud

Chris Brown, Quavo feud, Saweetie, Weakest Link

Chris Brown is showcasing his rapping skills once again with his latest track aimed at Quavo called “Weakest Link”. The cover art of the song featuring Quavo eating a hot dog made it clear that the ongoing feud between the two artists is still alive and well.

In the song, Brown starts off by mimicking Quavo’s voice and then proceeds to deliver hard-hitting verses calling out the rapper. He refers to Quavo as a “b**ch with dreads” and challenges him to back up his tough talk. Brown even hints at having a past with Saweetie, who was previously in a relationship with Quavo. The track has definitely stirred up some buzz on social media.

While Quavo has not responded directly to Brown’s track, Saweetie seemed to acknowledge it with a tweet hinting at new music of her own. This ongoing feud between Chris Brown and Quavo started earlier in April and has now escalated with back-and-forth diss tracks being released.

Feuds in the music industry are not uncommon, and they often result in artists using their music to express their feelings towards one another. It’s clear that Chris Brown and Quavo have some tension that is being played out through their music, keeping fans entertained and curious about what will happen next in this ongoing saga.

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