Cloudflare integrates Workers AI and Hugging Face into General Availability

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Cloudflare is now making it easier for developers to deploy their AI applications from Hugging Face onto its platform. The integration allows for seamless distribution of models using Cloudflare’s serverless GPU-powered inference, Workers AI. This collaboration aims to democratize AI and make it more accessible for developers.

Cloudflare CEO, Matthew Prince, highlighted the challenges of putting AI into production and emphasized the importance of simplifying the process. With Workers AI and Hugging Face integration, developers have a cost-effective solution to run inference and scale their AI applications globally.

Developers can now choose open-source models from Hugging Face, deploy them to Cloudflare Workers AI, and distribute them instantly. This ensures smooth and consistent experiences for users worldwide. Additionally, Cloudflare has expanded its GPU availability to over 150 cities, enabling developers to create and deploy specialized AI applications in various locations.

The partnership between Cloudflare and Hugging Face aims to empower developers and streamline the deployment of AI models. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more at the AI Impact Tour in Atlanta. Request your invite now.

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