Connor McDavid Boosts Attendance for ABC’s First 5 Stanley Cup Final Games

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As ABC prepares to air its second Stanley Cup Final as part of its lucrative contract with the NHL, the broadcaster has already filled all available commercial slots for the first five games. This success is a result of strong demand from advertisers, with only a few spots left for a potential Game 6.

The recent surge in NHL ratings, especially since the league returned to Disney in 2022, has attracted a flood of new advertisers looking to capitalize on the growing audience. With a mix of both new and returning sponsors, ABC is seeing a positive response from brands across various industries, including automotive, telecommunications, insurance, and fast food.

The presence of the Edmonton Oilers in the Final may pose a challenge for ratings, but a potential longer series could help alleviate any concerns. The opportunity to showcase stars like Connor McDavid on a big stage has generated excitement and anticipation among fans and advertisers alike.

The changing landscape of sports TV demographics is evident in the types of brands investing in NHL advertising, with a focus on more adult and female-centric products. Additionally, the integration of clutter-free brand placements during the broadcasts can offer a unique and engaging experience for viewers.

As the Stanley Cup Final progresses, ABC and Disney are poised to capitalize on the momentum and engagement seen throughout the playoffs. The success of the NHL partnership and the strong performance of the broadcasts indicate a promising future for the league’s national TV coverage.

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