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April on Broadway is gearing up for a busy month with 14 new plays and musicals set to open before the April 25 Tony Award eligibility cutoff date. The final weeks of the 2023-24 theater season will see the openings of two shows on three different days, a rare occurrence in the world of Broadway.

As each show debuts, Deadline will provide reviews and insights. Whether you’re using this information as a guide or just looking to engage in a discussion, be sure to check back for the latest updates on Broadway’s offerings. The lineup of April openings is as follows: The Outsiders on April 11, Lempicka on April 14, The Wiz on April 17, Suffs on April 18, Stereophonic on April 19, Hell’s Kitchen on April 20, Cabaret on April 21, Patriots on April 22, The Heart of Rock and Roll on April 22, Mary Jane on April 23, Illinoise on April 24, Uncle Vanya on April 24, Mother Play on April 25, and The Great Gatsby on April 25.

Below is a collection of reviews for some of the shows that have already opened. Check back frequently as the list continues to be updated with new insights and critiques.

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