Data Broker Reveals Visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

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Little is known publicly about Epstein’s activities in the decade prior to his 2019 arrest. The majority of women who came forward that year to accuse the convicted pedophile in court say they were assaulted in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Now, 11,279 coordinates obtained by a company show a significant amount of traffic to Epstein’s island property nearly a decade after his conviction as a sex offender. These coordinates also indicate as many as 166 locations throughout the US where visitors to Little St. James likely lived and worked. Additionally, there are points of interest in cities in Ukraine, the Cayman Islands, and Australia, among others.

These coordinates reveal precise surveillance of Epstein’s island, demonstrating the capabilities of data brokers with loose privacy restrictions under US law. The company behind this data sources its information from advertising exchanges, which interact with billions of devices as users browse the web and move around.

While the data is officially used by companies to determine potential customer locations, there have been reports of this data being provided to the US military through various marketing companies, cutouts, and conduits to defense contractors. This has raised concerns about the use and distribution of location data.

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