Dell Unveils Exciting Next-Gen Windows on Arm Chips, 29-Hour Laptops, and More in Recent Leak

29-hour laptops, Dell leak, more, next-gen Windows on Arm chips

Dell has been a prominent player in the laptop market for many years, known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. Recently, there have been leaks and rumors about Dell’s plans for its popular XPS series, including an Arm-powered variant of the XPS 13. A confidential document obtained and published by VideoCardz has shed more light on Dell’s future XPS plans, while also revealing details about Qualcomm’s next-generation chips for Windows on Arm.

One of the most exciting pieces of information revealed in the leaked document is the launch of Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon X Elite laptops. Asus has already announced that it will be launching a new “AI PC” on Monday, the same day as Microsoft’s Surface and Windows event, which is focused on Windows on Arm. Dell’s own Arm-powered XPS 13 variant was leaked a few days ago, and this new document reveals that it will come in three versions with different displays – FHD, QHD+, and OLED.

Battery life is always a crucial factor when it comes to laptops, and the leaked document provides some information about the expected battery life of the new XPS 13 models. According to the document, web browsing on the FHD+ display is listed at around 13 hours, while the QHD+ version is expected to last for more than 12 hours. The OLED variant, which uses an LG Display panel, is projected to have a battery life of around 9 hours. When it comes to local video playback, the FHD+ version is estimated to last for more than 29 hours, which is a significant improvement compared to other Windows laptops currently on the market.

Interestingly, the leaked document also mentions a new “tandem OLED” panel from LG Display that will be used in the upcoming XPS 13. Tandem OLED panels, which were first introduced by LG Display in 2019 for automotive displays, utilize two OLED layers to improve brightness and extend the lifespan of the panel. This technology has also been implemented in Apple’s latest iPad Pro. If Dell incorporates tandem OLED panels into its XPS 13, it could result in a visually stunning display with improved performance.

While the leaked document is dated from August 2023, it provides insights into Dell’s future plans for the XPS series. The XPS 13 Qualcomm models are expected to be released in June, which aligns with rumors about Microsoft’s next Arm-powered Surface devices. It is also speculated that Microsoft will adopt OLED technology for its Arm-powered Surface Pro 10, potentially making use of tandem OLED panels as well.

Intriguingly, the document also hints at Qualcomm’s timeline for its next-generation Snapdragon chips for laptops. Dell lists “QC Oryon V2” for the second half of 2025, with “QC” referring to Qualcomm and “Oryon” being the name of the CPU tech that Qualcomm acquired from Nuvia in 2021. A V3 of these chips is listed for late 2027, suggesting that there might be a significant gap between revisions. This information not only provides insight into Qualcomm’s plans but also indicates Dell’s long-term commitment to using Qualcomm’s technology in its future products.

In terms of other upcoming models, the leaked document reveals that Dell is planning a next-generation XPS 14 for a January 2026 release. This model will feature either the Oryon V2 chips or Intel’s Panther Lake CPUs. Additionally, an updated XPS 13 model is expected to be released with Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs and Qualcomm’s Oryon V2 chips. These plans suggest that Dell is continuously striving to provide consumers with cutting-edge technology and performance.

Another interesting point mentioned in the leaked document is Dell’s anticipation of next-generation Nvidia GPUs. The document states that Dell is expecting the release of next-gen Nvidia GPUs in early 2025, with a potential refresh in early 2026. This aligns with rumors about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 5000 series, which is expected to be based on its Blackwell architecture. However, it’s important to note that the document’s information on Nvidia’s release schedules could be outdated by the time it was leaked.

The leak of this confidential document has certainly created excitement among tech enthusiasts and fans of the XPS series. It provides a glimpse into Dell’s future plans for its popular laptop lineup, while also revealing details about Qualcomm’s upcoming chips and advancements in display technology. The timing of this leak is also interesting, as it coincides with Microsoft’s Surface and Windows AI event, where more information about Windows on Arm and other developments are expected to be announced.

Overall, Dell’s future XPS plans, as outlined in the leaked document, demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the laptop market. By incorporating new technologies such as Arm processors, OLED displays, and next-generation chips, Dell aims to deliver enhanced performance, improved battery life, and an immersive user experience to its customers. As the laptop market continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Dell’s future XPS models measure up and how they compete with other industry leaders.

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