Demi Moore emphasizes the importance of ‘vulnerability’ in her full frontal nudity scenes with Margaret Qualley in ‘The Substance’

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Demi Moore’s latest film, “The Substance,” delves into the feminist body horror genre with raw and vulnerable scenes featuring full nudity. Moore, who portrays a fading celebrity in the film, discussed the level of vulnerability required to tell the story and emphasized the importance of sensitivity and communication in such scenes.

The movie explores the concept of a black market drug that creates a younger, improved version of Moore’s character, leading to a complex dynamic between the two. As the narrative unfolds, Moore undergoes a disfiguration due to the mistreatment inflicted by her other half, played by Margaret Qualley. The transformation scenes highlight the stark but necessary display of full-frontal nudity.

Moore praised Qualley for creating a comfortable atmosphere on set, allowing for trust and mutual understanding during intimate scenes. The film also features Dennis Quaid in a significant role, and he dedicated his performance to the late Ray Liotta, who was initially cast in the part.

“The Substance” received an enthusiastic reception at the Cannes Film Festival, with an 11-minute standing ovation at its premiere. The film’s French director, Coralie Fargeat, discussed the feminist themes of body horror as a vehicle to express the violence associated with women’s issues. Fargeat hopes that the movie will contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding the #MeToo movement by shedding light on important issues.

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