Discord accidentally shattered a YouTube view count record.

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When it comes to setting records on YouTube, there are some notable names that come to mind like MrBeast. MrBeast once held the record for the most viewed YouTube video in a 24-hour period, but that record was recently surpassed by the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. The GTA 6 trailer garnered a staggering 74 million views in just one day, beating out MrBeast’s record.

However, a surprising turn of events occurred on April 1st, 2024, when Discord released a video announcing a new “Loot Boxes” feature as an April Fools’ Day joke. Despite being a prank, the 18-second video garnered an unbelievable one billion views within 24 hours, setting a new record on the platform.

The interesting part is that Discord’s success in reaching this massive view count may have been accidental. Some speculation suggests that Discord inadvertently created a “working YouTube view bot” through a pop-up message that contained the video. Users who left Discord idle on their screens would unknowingly contribute to the views, leading to the unprecedented milestone.

While Discord’s achievement may spark debates within the YouTube community about the validity of the record, one thing is for sure – they successfully pulled off an April Fools’ prank that no one saw coming. It goes to show the power of social media and viral content in capturing the attention of millions of viewers in a short amount of time.

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