Disney Shocked by Decision to Allow R-Rating for Deadpool & Wolverine, Reveals Ryan Reynolds

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The collaboration between Disney and Marvel on the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie has been a significant step forward for both companies. Ryan Reynolds expressed his surprise and pride in Disney for allowing an R-rating for the film, which will be Marvel’s first R-rated movie. Reynolds mentioned that the rating was necessary to stay true to the character and world of Deadpool.

The crossover with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character from the 2017 movie “Logan” will add an extra edge to the upcoming film. Director Shawn Levy emphasized the importance of maintaining the tone of a Deadpool movie, with all its audacious and funny elements. Despite expecting pushback, they were pleasantly surprised by Disney and Marvel’s support for their vision.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige also celebrated the R-rating for Deadpool & Wolverine, emphasizing how it added to the authenticity and uniqueness of the film. Overall, the collaboration on this project has been a positive experience, showcasing a willingness to push boundaries and explore new territories in the Marvel universe.

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