Elon Musk’s X / Twitter Implements Plan to Remove Repost, Like, and Reply Buttons and Counts

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The popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now referred to as X, is undergoing another major change that has garnered mixed reactions from users. X is planning to revamp how content appears in users’ feeds by eliminating interaction and engagement buttons from posts. This means that the repost (previously retweet), like, and reply buttons will no longer be visible on individual posts in a user’s X timeline.

Alongside the removal of these buttons, the repost, like, and reply counts will also be eliminated from each post. Instead of tapping on buttons, X wants to introduce swiping left or right on a post to like or reply. Additionally, iOS users will have the option to force touch a post to bring up a menu with more choices. The only visible metric on a post in the timeline will be the view count, which will be relocated to the upper right-hand corner.

The upcoming redesign of X’s post format was initially discovered by Aaron Perris from MacRumors and was later confirmed by X owner Elon Musk. The general reaction from users has mostly been unfavorable. Musk, however, seems to appreciate the change and responded positively to a user who criticized the redesign, saying, “It’s awesome. Just swipe left to like and right to reply.”

This latest alteration is part of a series of transformations implemented by Musk since acquiring the platform in October 2022, including the change in name from Twitter to X. Musk has made several significant changes, with one recent modification involving making most “likes” private. Initially, users were able to view a list of accounts that liked a specific post by clicking on the “like count.” However, this information is now only visible to the user who published the post. Third-party entities no longer have access to this data.

Musk has been eager to remove repost and like buttons for quite some time. In a subscriber-only post on X in October of last year, Musk mentioned his intention to eliminate all action buttons and their associated interaction counts from the main timeline, leaving only the view count unless a user taps into a post. Additionally, during the same period, Musk instructed X developers to remove headlines from article links shared within posts due to aesthetic concerns. However, this change received significant criticism from X users. Consequently, X reintroduced headlines to posts with article links, albeit with a slightly different design.

Given the backlash from users regarding the removal of repost and like buttons, it remains possible that X may reverse this decision if it proves to be detrimental. Musk suggested as much when responding to a supporter on X who argued in favor of giving the change a chance. Musk stated that they would revert the change if it did not work out.

The intention behind this redesign seems to be a desire to streamline the user experience and declutter the platform. By removing the interaction buttons and counts, X aims to shift the focus onto the content itself, promoting engagement through swipe gestures rather than buttons. This could potentially reduce mindless scrolling and encourage more thoughtful interactions.

However, the negative response from many users highlights the importance of considering user feedback and preferences when implementing changes. While Musk and the X team may have their own vision for the platform, it is crucial to take into account the opinions and needs of the user base to ensure a positive and engaging user experience.

In conclusion, the upcoming changes to X’s post format, which involve the removal of repost, like, and reply buttons, have sparked a backlash among users. Elon Musk, X’s owner, has confirmed the redesign and expressed his support for the change. However, the possibility of reverting the decision remains, as Musk has previously demonstrated a willingness to backtrack on modifications that are poorly received. As with any significant change, it is essential for X to carefully consider user feedback to maintain a positive user experience and ensure that the platform continues to be a popular and engaging social media destination.

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