Ex-NBA Player Nate Robinson: Kidney Transplant Needed for Survival | Latest News, Stats, Highlights, and Rumors

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Nate Robinson, a former NBA player, has revealed that he is in need of a kidney transplant to stay alive. He shared his fears of not having much time left if he doesn’t receive the transplant soon. Despite the challenges he faces, Robinson remains grateful that his body accepts dialysis, which is keeping him alive for now.

Robinson’s journey with renal kidney failure began in 2022, forcing him to retire from professional basketball. Throughout his career in the NBA, Robinson made history by winning three Slam Dunk Contests and played for several teams before his retirement.

Despite his health challenges, Robinson remains positive and focused on enjoying the moments when he feels healthy. He continues to undergo dialysis treatments regularly while also spending quality time with his family and engaging in activities he loves, such as playing basketball.

Robinson’s resilience and determination to stay upbeat in the face of adversity are truly inspiring. His son, Nahmier Robinson, following in his athletic footsteps by committing to play college football at Colorado, serves as a beacon of hope and legacy for the Robinson family.

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