Experience AI-Driven News Readings by Judy Garland or James Dean

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In a surprising turn of events, the late Judy Garland’s iconic voice is being resurrected through the power of artificial intelligence. Renowned actress and singer, Liza Minnelli, has given ElevenLabs, an AI startup specializing in cloning services, permission to recreate her mother’s voice for their innovative Reader App. This groundbreaking technology allows users to have Garland’s voice narrate various texts, such as e-books, bringing her unique charm and talent to life once more.

ElevenLabs has been at the forefront of AI advancements, having successfully recreated the voices of other deceased stars like James Dean, Burt Reynolds, and Sir Laurence Olivier. With undisclosed sums paid to their estates, the company has amassed an “Iconic voice collection” that has captivated audiences worldwide. Now, by adding Judy Garland’s voice to their repertoire, ElevenLabs hopes to capture the hearts of millions of fans and create new ones who may not have experienced her unparalleled legacy.

Minnelli, as the representative of the Garland Estate, expressed her enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “It’s exciting to see our mother’s voice available to the countless millions of people who love her. Through the spectacular new technology offered by ElevenLabs, our family believes that this will bring new fans to Mama and be exciting to those who already cherish the unparalleled legacy that Mama gave and continues to give to the world.”

The promotional video released by ElevenLabs on YouTube offers a glimpse into the capabilities of their Reader App, featuring a sample of Garland reading excerpts from the beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz. While some may find it slightly eerie, the appeal of having one of the greatest entertainers of all time narrate personal messages, news articles, or even bedtime stories cannot be denied.

ElevenLabs launched its Reader App in late June, exclusively for iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This cutting-edge application allows users to hear any text on their phones, from messages to PDFs and news articles. The company has expressed its commitment to expanding its availability to Android users as well, with plans to launch in the Google Play store in the coming weeks. Moreover, ElevenLabs aims to make the app accessible in every language supported by its Multilingual model, which currently stands at 29, with the ultimate goal of a global launch.

The introduction of this innovative technology has not only excited fans and enthusiasts but has also sparked discussions regarding the ethical implications of recreating deceased voices through AI. While the recreations certainly pay homage to these iconic figures, some argue that it blurs the line between reality and imitation. Nevertheless, ElevenLabs assures its commitment to maintaining the integrity of these voices and ensuring that they are used respectfully and responsibly.

Despite the controversy surrounding AI cloning, it is undeniable that the technology displayed by ElevenLabs represents a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence. Through their groundbreaking efforts, they have opened up new possibilities for preserving and honoring the voices of beloved individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

As the final details are worked out for the global launch of the Reader App, anticipation grows among fans eager to experience the magic that these legendary voices bring. The combination of technology and nostalgia has the potential to transport listeners to a bygone era, immersing them in the life and talent of these iconic stars.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Liza Minnelli, the Garland Estate, and ElevenLabs represents a remarkable fusion of artistry and technology. The resurrection of Judy Garland’s voice through AI offers a unique opportunity for fans to reconnect with her enchanting presence and share the experience with new generations. As AI continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, it becomes essential to navigate the ethical considerations surrounding technology’s impact on our perception of reality. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the Reader App by ElevenLabs is revolutionizing the way we interact with literature and further immortalizing the voices that have shaped our cultural landscape.

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