Extensive AI Guidelines for the Federal Government Released by The White House

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It has been five months since President Joe Biden signed an executive order to address the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. Today, the White House is taking steps forward to implement the order with a policy aimed at regulating the federal government’s use of AI. The policy includes safeguards to mitigate the risk of algorithmic bias.

Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the importance of ensuring that AI is adopted and advanced in a way that protects the public from harm and allows everyone to benefit from its advantages. Three binding requirements under the new Office of Management and Budget policy were announced by Harris. Agencies must ensure that AI tools do not endanger the rights and safety of the American people by December 1.

The policy outlines that AI systems must not impact safety or rights, including controlling critical safety functions or infringing on rights such as predictive policing or social media monitoring. Agencies must also be transparent about the AI systems they use and have internal oversight of their AI use, including appointing a chief AI officer to oversee usage.

The OMB suggests that by implementing these safeguards, agencies may need to make adjustments such as allowing airline travelers to opt-out of facial recognition scans without delays. The policy aims to ensure that AI is used responsibly and can help improve public services and address societal challenges.

Efforts to regulate AI in the US have taken a patchwork approach at the state level, but this policy represents a significant step forward in overseeing AI use in the federal government. By ensuring that AI is used responsibly and overseen effectively, agencies can harness its potential to improve public services and address pressing societal challenges.

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