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Arrested, Austin Maddox, Ex-Red Sox, Fla., NBC Boston, pitcher

A disturbing announcement was made by Florida police recently, revealing that a former Boston Red Sox pitcher was among more than two dozen men arrested in a child sex solicitation sting. Austin Dean Maddox was taken into custody on April 28 on four felony charges related to soliciting a child through a computer and other disturbing actions.

The video footage released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office showed Maddox being tackled to the ground by law enforcement during the arrest. It was stated that Maddox intended to have sexual relations with a 14-year-old. The severity of the charges led to him being held on a $300,000 bail, with a court date set for May 28.

The incident occurred as part of Operation Valiant Knights, which involved a collaborative effort between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Maddox decided to retire from baseball before the 2020 season, after a career as a reliever for the Red Sox. His impressive stats during the 2017 season were overshadowed by the shocking news of his arrest.

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