Galaxy Watch 7 by Samsung to Potentially Alert Users of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Other Health Risks

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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to come with a new health feature that could potentially warn users about the risks of certain diseases. The discovery was made by Android Authority, who delved into the latest Samsung Health app update and found evidence of a tool called the AGEs (advanced glycation end products) Index. AGEs are compounds that the body produces when proteins and fat molecules are oxidized by sugar molecules. As people age, these compounds accumulate and can be used to predict the risk of age-related conditions such as diabetes, renal failure, heart attacks, and strokes. The presence of the AGEs Index in the app suggests that the Galaxy Watch 7 may be equipped with sensors to enable AGEs detection.

In addition to the AGEs Index, Android Authority also discovered a menu page in the Samsung Health app update titled “Continuous Glucose Monitoring.” However, the page was blank and did not provide any further information. This aligns with previous rumors that Samsung wearables, including the Galaxy Watch 7, may support blood glucose monitoring. While there is evidence to support these rumors, it is still too early to confirm whether blood glucose monitoring will be a feature in the Galaxy Watch 7.

Samsung has expressed its interest in incorporating noninvasive glucose monitoring into its devices, stating that it could become a reality within the next five years. This indicates that the company is actively exploring the technology and working towards its implementation. However, it may still take some time before it is fully integrated into their smartwatches.

Another interesting discovery by Android Authority is the reference to “family health data sharing” in the Samsung Health app update. This feature would enable users to exchange health data with their family members for more effective monitoring. The user interface for this feature has been activated, revealing built-in privacy checks that allow users to control the amount of data they share and preview it before sending. Parents and guardians also have the ability to view their child’s health data collected through a Galaxy Watch, provided they have permission and the wearable is connected to a smartphone signed into the child’s Samsung account. It is worth noting that there is no indication that family data sharing will be exclusive to the Galaxy Watch 7 series, suggesting that it may roll out to previous generations as well.

As with any leaks, it is important to take this information with a grain of salt. However, Samsung is set to hold its next Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, where more details about the Galaxy Watch 7 and its features are expected to be revealed. Until then, users can explore TechRadar’s list of the best smartwatches for 2024 to find the perfect device for their needs.

In conclusion, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 may come with new health features such as AGEs detection and possibly blood glucose monitoring. The company’s interest in incorporating noninvasive glucose monitoring into its devices indicates a commitment to advancing health technology. Additionally, the addition of family health data sharing highlights Samsung’s efforts to provide a comprehensive health monitoring experience for its users. While these features are still speculative, the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is expected to provide more insights into the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch 7.

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