Game studio co-founded by Dr Disrespect swiftly cutting ties with the streamer

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Midnight Society, a game studio co-founded by a popular streamer, has cut ties with one of its co-founders, Guy Beahm, known as Dr Disrespect. The decision was made after allegations surfaced that Beahm had been involved in inappropriate behavior, specifically “sexting a minor in the then existing Twitch whispers product.” This news came to light as a former Twitch employee shared details on social media.

It’s important for companies to uphold certain principles and standards, even when faced with difficult situations involving key members of their team. In this case, Midnight Society chose to part ways with Beahm in order to protect the integrity of the studio and its employees.

Beahm’s ban from Twitch and subsequent mysterious departure from the platform in 2020 raised many questions and sparked speculation among fans. Despite denying any wrongdoing and stating that he was fully cleared of any illegal behavior, Beahm’s reputation took a hit.

It can be challenging for companies to navigate such controversies, especially when prominent figures are involved. Midnight Society’s decision to sever ties with Beahm underscores the importance of prioritizing values and ethics in the face of difficult circumstances.

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