Gamescom Latam: Record-breaking attendance of 100K visitors and participation of 124 exhibitors representing 66 diverse countries

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Gamescom Latam, in partnership with the BIG Festival, recently held its first edition in São Paulo, Brazil. The event saw impressive growth, attracting over 100,000 visitors and featuring 124 exhibitors and co-exhibitors from 66 countries, with more than 700 studios and 200 publishers present. The success of Gamescom Latam highlights the strength of the global gaming industry and the reach of the Gamescom brand.

The combination of the traditional Brazilian game event BIG Festival with Germany-based Gamescom created a unique and exciting event for South America. This collaboration aimed to further expand the reach of Gamescom and provide a platform for the games industry in Latin America to thrive. The event took place from June 26 to June 30, with the weekend days completely sold out. Last year, the BIG Festival drew 50,000 people, indicating the growing interest in gaming in the region.

CEO of Koelnmesse, Gerald Böse, expressed his satisfaction with the success of Gamescom Latam and the event’s ability to attract industry leaders and large crowds. He emphasized the global impact and reach of Gamescom and its value in complementing Koelnmesse’s international portfolio. The debut of Gamescom Latam in Brazil was a proud moment and sets the stage for future events in the region.

Looking ahead, Gamescom Latam is set to return in 2025 with double the size at the new location of Anhembi Convention Center. This expansion reflects the increasing popularity and significance of the gaming industry in Latin America. Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of Gamescom Latam, expressed his excitement about the first edition’s success, which surpassed expectations. He believes that the number of visitors will continue to increase in the coming years, and the move to a larger venue will accommodate this growth.

Esports played a prominent role at Gamescom Latam, showcasing its rising popularity and influence in the gaming industry. The event provided a platform for fans, trade visitors, companies, and partners to engage with esports activities. Felix Falk, the managing director of Game – The German Games Industry Association and brand owner of Gamescom, praised the success of Gamescom Latam and recognized its potential to become one of the major global events in the gaming industry.

Gamescom Latam 2024 featured 17 content partners, including well-known names such as Atari, Bandai Namco, Epic Games, Nintendo, SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Games. These partnerships contributed to the success of the event and ensured a diverse range of games and announcements for attendees. Pierre Mantovani, CEO of Omelete Company, expressed satisfaction with the results of the first Gamescom Latam and emphasized the focus on delivering an event that catered to the Latin American audience. The goal for the future is to continue growing and improving alongside the gaming industry in the region.

Apart from being an exciting gaming expo, Gamescom Latam also served as a hub for business opportunities. Nearly 2,000 professionals from 66 countries, representing 1,020 companies, attended the event seeking agreements and investments. Over 11,900 meetings were requested, and it is estimated that over $200 million in new business prospects will arise from the event. The presence of international industry figures and experts allowed participants to gain insights into the industry’s vision and future trends.

Gamescom Latam delivered an extensive program of content, with 226 hours of scheduled sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from 434 speakers and watch 194 sessions, including 62 that were streamed. The lineup of speakers featured industry veterans and notable figures such as David Alpert, producer of The Walking Dead and CEO of Skybound Entertainment; Chance Glasco, one of the creators of the Call of Duty franchise; Pawel Sasko, associate director of games at CD Projekt Red; and Tim Morten, CEO of Frost Giant Games, among others.

The event attracted visitors from 66 countries, making it a truly international gathering of gaming enthusiasts and professionals. Over 314 communication channels from around the world participated in Gamescom Latam, showcasing the global interest in the event. Major media partners, including IGN Global, Gamerant, and IGN Brazil, covered the event, further amplifying its reach and impact.

Through live broadcasts, Gamescom Latam reached a massive audience of 4 million people from June 26 to June 30. The event featured over 400 game titles available for testing and showcased 81 exciting releases. Additionally, it involved the participation of over 1,000 content creators and had 25 media partners from three continents. Gamescom Latam provided a unique platform for gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and celebrate the thriving gaming industry in Latin America.

In conclusion, Gamescom Latam’s inaugural edition in São Paulo, Brazil, was a resounding success, attracting over 100,000 visitors and featuring a diverse range of exhibitors, speakers, and game titles. The event’s partnership with the BIG Festival and the global reach of Gamescom contributed to its success and demonstrated the growing importance of the gaming industry in Latin America. With plans for expansion in 2025, Gamescom Latam is set to continue its trajectory as a major global event in the gaming industry.

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