Google Developing a ‘Lookup’ Button for Identifying Unknown Callers on Android

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Google is reportedly working on a new feature that could revolutionize the way we handle phone calls and emails. The feature, currently in beta testing, allows users to look up a phone number directly from their recent calls screen with just a tap. This could be extremely useful, especially in a time where so many spam calls are received from spoofed numbers.

The new feature has been spotted by X user AssembleDebug, who shared their findings with PiunikaWeb. In the beta version of the Google Phone app, a “Lookup” button has been added alongside other options like “Block” and “History” when you tap on a recent call. Tapping on the Lookup button brings up a Google Search with the number already entered for you, saving you the trouble of manually copying and pasting the number into a search engine.

It’s surprising that this feature hasn’t existed until now. Many of us have been dealing with annoying telemarketing calls and unknown numbers for years, often resorting to copying the number and pasting it into a search engine to gather information. This process can be time-consuming and clunky, especially when you receive multiple calls from unknown numbers.

With the new Lookup feature, Google aims to simplify this process and provide a more convenient solution. By integrating the search functionality directly into the recent calls screen, users can quickly gather information about the caller without having to leave the app or perform any additional steps. This could save users a significant amount of time and frustration.

In addition to the phone number lookup feature, Google is also making advancements in email handling. PiunikaWeb discovered that Google is working on adding Gemini email summaries to the Android version of the Gmail app. This feature would allow users to view a summary of their emails with just a tap of a button located under the subject line of an email.

While the button doesn’t currently perform any function, it indicates that Google is actively working on implementing this feature. Additionally, PiunikaWeb found a new Gemini menu option in Gmail’s three dots menu, suggesting that Google is integrating Gemini’s email summarization directly into the app.

Gemini is not a new concept for Google. It is a service that provides AI-powered email summarization, allowing users to quickly scan their emails and understand the main points without wasting time reading through lengthy conversations. Currently, the Gemini app is available for users with a Google Workspace account, but the integration of Gemini into Gmail would make it more accessible to a wider audience.

The integration of Gemini email summaries into Gmail would be a significant enhancement for users, as they would no longer need to switch between different apps to get a quick overview of their emails. With a simple tap of a button, users can access a concise summary that highlights the most important information, allowing them to prioritize and manage their emails more efficiently.

Overall, both the phone number lookup feature and the integration of Gemini summaries into Gmail demonstrate Google’s dedication to improving user experience and solving common pain points in communication. By streamlining these processes and eliminating unnecessary steps, Google aims to make our digital lives more efficient and convenient.

It’s worth mentioning that while these features are currently in beta testing, there is no official release date announced yet. However, given Google’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, we can expect these features to become available to the wider public in the near future.

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