Google Home app may soon allow offline functionality and support for older Nest cameras

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In a recent discussion on a popular tech forum, Google shared details about its upcoming projects for the smart home platform. One of the major developments is the implementation of an offline mode for Google Home. Currently, commands are processed through company servers before affecting your network, meaning that if your internet goes down, you lose control over your smart devices. The introduction of an offline mode will allow for local control, addressing this issue for homeowners.

The rollout of this feature may take some time, as the Google team is currently focused on routing device interactions locally through the Matter standard. By establishing a stable software foundation with low latency, they aim to ensure a smooth transition to an offline mode in the future.

During the discussion, users also raised concerns about the lack of support for older Nest cameras on the Google Home platform. The team is working on updating firmware for these older devices, some of which were launched as far back as 2015. While some older models like the original Nest Cam Indoor are compatible with Google Home, there are still challenges to overcome in terms of integration.

Additionally, Google is looking to improve integration with third-party brands like Wyze and Eufy. Despite questions from users about expanding support to non-Google hardware, the team cited security and quality controls as reasons for delays. Collaboration with partners is vital to ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Overall, these projects demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the functionality and compatibility of its smart home platform. While a concrete timeline for these updates was not provided, users can expect to see them first in the Google Home Public Preview program. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of smart home technology!

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