Google Tightens Controls on Discounts Obtained through VPN Services

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YouTube Users Who Used VPNs to Get Cheaper Premium Memberships Face Cancellation

YouTube Premium, the paid subscription service offered by YouTube, has become increasingly popular among users who are looking to enjoy an ad-free experience and gain access to additional features. However, the subscription price of YouTube Premium varies across different countries. Some Reddit users discovered a loophole that allowed them to access YouTube Premium at significantly lower prices by using virtual private networks (VPNs) to obscure their locations.

In the United States, YouTube Premium is priced at $14 per month, while in countries like Argentina, India, Turkey, Ukraine, and the Philippines, the price is as low as $3 per month or even less. This significant price difference led some users to exploit VPNs to pretend to access the service from these countries, giving them access to cheaper subscription plans.

However, it seems that YouTube has caught onto this workaround and is now cracking down on users who have falsified their signup country information. According to reports from PCMag and TechCrunch, YouTube support staff has confirmed that premium plans are being cancelled for accounts that have been identified as having used VPNs to access cheaper subscription prices. Users who encounter errors while signing up for YouTube Premium are directed to turn off their VPNs to proceed with the subscription process.

It is important to note that VPNs serve various purposes, and Google itself used to offer a VPN service called Google One. While some users may have used VPNs solely for the purpose of obtaining discounted YouTube Premium memberships, others rely on VPNs to access restricted content and features that are not available in their countries. Therefore, the cancellation of premium plans for users who have been using VPNs could impact legitimate users who depend on VPNs for other purposes.

This move by YouTube is not an isolated incident but rather a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to monetize its video platform further. Recently, Google has been intensifying its crackdown on ad blockers by implementing measures that make YouTube videos unwatchable for users of ad blocking services like AdBlock. With YouTube being one of Google’s primary sources of revenue, it is not surprising that the company is taking steps to maximize its profits and prevent users from circumventing the system.

While the cancellation of premium plans for users who have used VPNs may seem unfair to some, it is important to understand that YouTube is a business that relies on revenue from its premium subscriptions and advertising. By cracking down on VPN users, YouTube is protecting its business model and ensuring that users pay the appropriate prices for the services they receive.

In conclusion, YouTube is canceling premium plans for users who have falsified their signup country information and accessed cheaper subscription prices through VPNs. This crackdown is part of Google’s broader efforts to monetize the platform and prevent users from circumventing the system. While this move may impact legitimate users who rely on VPNs for other purposes, YouTube is within its rights to protect its business and ensure fair pricing for its services.

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