Google’s Incognito Mode Faces Challenges

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Google is facing a class action lawsuit that could result in the deletion of private data from millions of users if a proposed settlement is approved. The lawsuit, known as Brown v. Google, centers around Google Chrome’s “Incognito Mode” feature. Google has agreed to either destroy or de-identify the web browsing data it has collected from users using Incognito Mode.

This legal battle has been ongoing since 2020, with accusations that Google did not adequately inform users about how their data could still be accessed in Incognito Mode. Google argued that internet service providers and employers could potentially view and collect data from Chrome browser history, even in Incognito Mode.

The proposed settlement would require Google to delete or de-identify data collected from users in Incognito mode dating back to December 2023. Additionally, Google has agreed to block third-party cookies by default in Incognito mode to prevent user tracking on third-party websites.

While the settlement does not involve any financial damages for users, they have the option to file claims for damages in California state court separately. This case highlights the importance of user privacy and the responsibility of tech companies to be transparent about data collection practices.

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