Graduate student advances in pursuit of her dream of opera career.

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Kiara Walker’s love for opera began during her time at Valdosta State University when she heard a friend sing an aria. This sparked a passion for classical music that led her to pursue a master’s in vocal performance at Binghamton University. Despite initially working in higher education in New York City, her time at Juilliard reignited her love for opera, leading her back to Georgia and eventually to Binghamton.

Walker navigated the challenges of returning to student life after years in the workforce, finding solace on stage and in the classroom at Binghamton. She particularly enjoyed exploring the works of Black composers like Florence Price and Paul Robeson in her music history course, eventually incorporating these pieces into her master’s thesis recital.

The guidance of professors like Sarah Gerk and Brenda Iglesias has been invaluable to Walker’s growth as a singer. Her ultimate goal is to pursue an artist diploma program in performance, with dreams of singing iconic roles in operas like La Traviata and The Marriage of Figaro.

With a deep love for opera and a thirst for knowledge and growth, Walker is determined to continue her musical journey and push herself to new heights in the world of classical music.

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