Howie Schwab, known for ‘Stump the Schwab’ on ESPN, passes away at age 63

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Howie Schwab, a longtime producer and statistician at a major sports network, passed away at the age of 63. He was a beloved figure at the network, known for his role as the star of the popular “Stump the Schwab” game show in the 2000s.

Schwab’s impact on sports television was significant, as he brought a unique personality to his role on the game show. Contestants would test their sports knowledge against Schwab, who was regarded as an expert in all sports from every era.

In addition to his work on “Stump the Schwab,” Schwab made appearances on shows like “First Take,” where he would rank his anticipation of upcoming sporting events with a fun “Bags of Chips” scale. His ability to engage viewers with his knowledge and humor made him a fan favorite.

After leaving ESPN in 2013, Schwab continued his work in sports television, landing at Fox Sports as a writer and consultant for “Sports Jeopardy!” Despite his departure from ESPN, Schwab’s impact on the sports media world was long-lasting and he will be remembered fondly by colleagues and fans alike.

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