Humane seeks buyer following disappointing debut of AI pin

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Humane, a startup known for its poorly-received AI Pin wearable computer, is reportedly looking for a buyer for its business, with a price tag ranging from $750 million to $1 billion. Led by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane aimed to create an always-on, wearable AI assistant that would help users reduce their reliance on smartphones. However, the AI Pin received negative reviews for its slow responses and subpar user experience.

Humane developed its own operating system called CosmOS, which powers the AI Pin. The device utilizes a network of AI models to provide answers to voice queries and analyze images captured by its built-in camera. It also features a laser “display” that projects onto the wearer’s inner palm. To keep the device active, users must subscribe to a monthly plan.

Despite being valued at $850 million by investors in 2023, Humane’s reputation suffered due to the poor performance of its flagship product. Reviewers criticized the AI Pin’s underdeveloped software, inconsistent performance, and issues with battery life and overheating. In an attempt to rectify these problems, Humane released firmware updates and integrated OpenAI’s GPT-4o model to enhance the device’s AI capabilities.

Given the price it aims to fetch, potential buyers for Humane appear limited. Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google (Meta), and Microsoft have all been actively pursuing advancements in AI, with a focus on language models and generative AI. However, it remains uncertain how much value Humane’s intellectual property would bring to their existing efforts.

Amazon, known for its virtual assistant Alexa and its line of Echo devices, has been investing heavily in AI technology. The company continues to expand its portfolio of smart home devices and could potentially benefit from incorporating Humane’s AI expertise, albeit with significant improvements. Apple, renowned for its sleek and user-friendly products, might be interested in Humane’s technology to enhance its wearables offerings.

Google (Meta), with its cutting-edge AI development and research through companies like DeepMind, has the resources to explore Humane’s potential. Meta’s focus on augmented reality and virtual reality devices could potentially be complemented by Humane’s wearable AI. Microsoft is another major player in the AI field, with its AI-powered voice assistant, Cortana, and various AI-driven products and services. Acquiring Humane could further strengthen Microsoft’s AI capabilities.

Although the list of potential buyers may be limited, the true value of Humane’s intellectual property remains uncertain. While the AI Pin had several interesting ideas, its execution was lacking, resulting in negative reception. Any potential buyer would need to carefully evaluate the technology and consider how it could enhance their AI offerings.

In conclusion, Humane’s quest to find a buyer for its business comes in the wake of the underwhelming reception of its AI Pin wearable computer. The device fell short of expectations, plagued by slow responses, inconsistent performance, and hardware issues. Potential buyers for Humane’s business include tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google (Meta), and Microsoft, but the true value of the company’s intellectual property remains to be seen.

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