Illuminate every corner of your home with the powerful smart lights from Philips Hue

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Philips Hue, a leading lighting brand, has recently launched updated versions of their Pillar and Runner spotlights in Europe. These spotlights are designed to replace traditional light fixtures and offer a range of features and capabilities.

Starting with the Pillar line, these spotlights hang from the ceiling and provide downward lighting. They are compatible with Philips Hue’s GU10 bulbs, which can emit a maximum brightness of 400 lumens and have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. What sets these lights apart is their White Ambiance feature, which allows users to adjust the color temperature from 2,200K for warmer hues to 6,500K for daylight-like lighting. This feature offers flexibility in creating the desired ambiance in any room.

Controlling the Pillar lights is made simple through the Philips Hue app for Android or iOS. Users can remotely control up to 10 individual Pillar fixtures and adjust the brightness either via the buttons on the side of the light or through the app. Voice commands are also supported through Google Assistant and Alexa, provided you have a compatible Google Nest or Amazon Echo device. Additionally, connecting the Pillar lights to a Hue Bridge unlocks additional features, such as automated lighting.

In terms of availability, there are three models of Pillar lights available for purchase in the EU. The base light is priced at €89.99, the double spotlight at €159.99, and the extension light at €69.99. It is important to note that the extension light does not include a dimmer switch.

Moving on to the Runner lights, they also utilize the GU10 bulb with the same brightness and color temperature capabilities as the Pillar lights. The main difference is the mounting style. The Runner lights are designed to be mounted on walls, with the light beam positioned at a 40-degree angle. This allows for a more personalized lighting experience, almost like having a small personal lamp.

Similar to the Pillar line, the Runner lights offer voice command support via Alexa and compatibility with the Hue Bridge. Users can control up to 10 lights through the app and enjoy the same features and functionalities as the Pillar series.

The Runner lights are available for purchase in both the EU and the UK. The base model is priced at €89.99, with the option without the switch priced at €69.99. UK customers can only purchase the latter option for £59.99. The double Runner spotlight is priced at £134.99/€159.99, and the triple array costs £189.99/€219.99. It is worth mentioning that some of these products are currently out of stock in the UK, and the EU listing shows limited availability.

As of now, it is unclear if there are plans to restock these products in the near future. We reached out to Philips Hue for more information and to inquire about their plans for a US launch. We will update this story as soon as we receive a response.

In conclusion, Philips Hue has expanded their lighting offerings with updated versions of their Pillar and Runner spotlights. These lights not only provide ample brightness and a wide range of color temperature options but also offer convenient control options through the Philips Hue app and voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. With their sleek design and versatile mounting options, these spotlights are a great addition to any smart home lighting setup.

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