In-store Demos of the Vision Pro will Showcase Apple Intelligence and Enhanced Depth with “Go Deeper” Feature

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Apple’s Vision Pro headset, despite its impressive technical features, has not gained widespread popularity. However, Apple is committed to improving the headset and incorporating AI features into its visionOS. In addition, the company is revamping its in-store demos by introducing a new option called “Go Deeper.” This option will allow users to test office features, watch videos, and try out the Dual Loop band, which is more comfortable for some users compared to the Solo Loop band.

One intriguing aspect of the upcoming demos is the ability to view personal videos and photos in the headset, including panoramas. This personal touch could enhance the overall user experience. Furthermore, with the release of visionOS 2 this fall, Apple is introducing a “spatialize” option that can transform 2D photos into 3D images. While this feature is impressive, it may have some limitations when it comes to hair and glasses, similar to Apple’s Portrait Mode. Nonetheless, incorporating personal content in demos could certainly attract more potential customers.

However, it seems like Apple’s focus on these updates and demos is a temporary solution until they release a more affordable headset. Reports suggest that Apple plans to unveil a cheaper headset by the end of next year. The exact design of this headset remains uncertain, as conflicting rumors circulate. Some sources claim that Apple will opt for lower-resolution displays for the follow-up, while others believe they will maintain high-resolution displays but have halted development on the Vision Pro 2.

Nevertheless, the common thread in these rumors is that Apple is struggling to create the headset it envisions without it being cost-prohibitive. This presents a significant challenge for the company. While it is too early to deem the Vision Pro a failure, the absence of a more affordable headset could limit the market potential of the current device. To continue pursuing its lightweight AR glasses dream, Apple may need to accept that the Vision Pro will cater to a niche market.

In conclusion, Apple is actively working to improve its Vision Pro headset by adding AI features to visionOS and enhancing the in-store demos. The ability to view personal videos and photos in the headset could provide a sentimental touch and attract more customers. However, the key to long-term success lies in the release of a more affordable headset, which Apple plans to unveil next year. Overcoming the challenge of creating a high-quality yet cost-effective device will be crucial for Apple’s future in the VR and AR market.

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