Initial EF-2 rating given by NWS Tulsa to tornado in Claremore

Claremore, EF-2, initial, NWS Tulsa, rating, Tornado

Severe storms struck Claremore overnight Saturday, injuring 23 people. Three individuals are in critical condition, while 19 others are receiving treatment in local hospitals. The damage assessment by first responders revealed downed trees, power lines, and structural damage to homes and buildings throughout the area.

Residents in Claremore are urged to check on their loved ones, as most roadways are accessible, with limitations in severely affected areas. A curfew is set to begin at 10 p.m. on May 26 to facilitate repair and recovery efforts during the night.

The National Weather Service Tulsa survey team confirmed EF2 tornado damage in Claremore, with ongoing assessments that may change the severity rating. The KOA Campground in Claremore bore the brunt of the tornado, causing significant destruction.

Volunteer agencies are requested to check in at the Claremore Expo Center for relief efforts. The Red Cross has established a respite and resource center at Memorial Heights Baptist Church, delivering essential supplies to those affected by the storm.

Mercy Chefs are on-site at Claremore Christian School to provide meals and support to those in need. Access to Claremore is restricted to residents with identification due to power outages in the entire city.

Emergency crews are working diligently to restore power and clear debris. Fuel is not available within Claremore, requiring residents to seek it in neighboring cities. City and county officials are coordinating rescue and repair operations in collaboration with state authorities to address the community’s needs.

Updates on recovery efforts will be shared as information becomes available. Residents are advised to stay informed through various communication channels to ensure their safety and well-being during this challenging time.

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